NHL player Brendan Morrison's fishing hot spots

NHL player Brendan Morrison’s fishing hot spots


Team: Free agent (most recent: 
Chicago Blackhawks 2011–12)

Position: Centre (#17)


Born: August 15,1975; 
Pitt Meadows, B.C.

Years fishing: 20

Favourite fish to catch: Pacific salmon and tarpon


Biggest fish: 800-lb.-plus blue marlin

1. Douglas Lake, B.C.


Why: The chance to spot various wildlife; numbers of big rainbows.

When: June, July, September and October are prime.

Where: Douglas Lake Ranch, which has more than 12 low-traffic lakes to choose from; Minnie and Stoney Lakes have 10-pound-plus fish.

How: Catch-and-release fly fishing; fish dry flies, strip leeches or cast chironomids.

2. Fraser River, B.C.

Why: Monster white sturgeon and a peaceful setting.

When: Peak fishing in August, September and October.

Where: Above the Mission Bridge up to Chilliwack.

How: Anchor in the river, cast out and wait. Typical baits include roe bags, eulachon, ditch eels or salmon flesh, depending on the time of year.

3. Haida Gwaii, B.C.

Why: Remote, rugged area with the chance for the elusive 50-pound-plus chinook salmon.

When: June, July and August.

Where: Fish structure, close to rocks and kelp beds.

How: Power mooch with a weighted rod, cutplug herring and four- to eight-ounce weights; let out eight to 20 pulls of line.

4. Kitimat River, B.C.

Why: The chance to spend time in the rugged Coast Mountains; good chance of landing a 20-pound steelhead.

When: Spring months.

Where: Along with the Kitimat, there are other productive rivers in the area around Terrace.

How: Centre pin or fly fishing.

5. Pitt River, B.C.

Why: Remote, stunning location; abundance of different trout and salmon species.

When: You can fish this river year-round for various species, but May to August is best for enormous bull trout.

Where: There are many runs all along the river; just start walking.

How: Catch-and-release fly fishing with a 5- to 8-weight rod.

6. Stamp River, B.C.

Why: Good steelhead returns, with a good chance for multiple hook-ups.

When: Winter months.

Where: Port Alberni is a good departure point.

How: Centre pin.

7. Tofino, B.C.

Why: Breathtaking scenery and much wildlife; abundant halibut and rockfish; excellent salmon fishing.

When: From May to the end of August.

Where: Early in the season, the salmon are deep in the water column, but during summer, they tend to travel shallower.

How: Fishing with downriggers is best; early in the season, it’s not unusual to also catch halibut while salmon fishing. Otherwise, target halibut (and rockfish) by drifting and jigging off the bottom.

8. Bow River, Alberta

Why: Numbers and sizes of rainbow and brown trout.

When: All year, but summer and fall are typically best.

Where: Drift the river south from Calgary’s city limits.

How: Fly fishing