Gord Pyzer
Gord Pyzer

Night and day changes

Low-light change-up

How to catch more fish early in the morning and late at night

So much of what we do when we enjoy a successful day of fishing is instinctive and intuitive. I always think it is important, too, that we don’t over think or complicate a problem, when the solution is often staring us in the face.

Take fishing in low-light conditions, or even in the dark at night. Most fish are visual predators that use their eyes to spot our lures and then track them down. So if you are fishing at night or in the early morning gloom, what slight changes might you incorporate in your repertoire to be more successful?

Think about it for a second, be guided by your instincts and then click on the following short Fish Talk With The Doc video clip that I recorded for Angelo and Pete and the Fish’n Canada television show and let’s see if we agree.

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