The one fish hook that catches almost everything

The do-it-all hook

To catch everything from walleye and pike to trout and channel cats, rig up with the versatile octopus hook


Drop-shotting is one of the top bass presentations, and now it’s starting to gain popularity among walleye anglers, including me, to suspend baits just above the bottom and move them tantalizingly. And with just a weight at the end of the line and a hook above it, these rigs are simple to make.

I start with a three-foot length of line and attach an octopus hook in the middle using a Palomar knot. Next, you tie one of the long tag ends to your main line using a barrel swivel, ensuring the hook point is facing up. At the end of the other tag line, tie on a bell sinker or attach a clip-on drop-shot weight. Both artificial and live bait work well.

Once you drop the rig overboard and the weight hits bottom, tighten up the slack. I find that the key to fishing a drop-shot rig is to use a weight that’s heavy enough that it won’t move when you twitch and slowly wiggle your baited octopus hook. As soon as you detect a strike, set the hook.

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