Pigeon Lake

Pigeon Lake

Species: Bass, Crappie

Coordinates: 44° 28€² 15.6€³ N, 78° 29€² 38.4€³ W

Location: Ontario

Why we chose it:

Crappie; Good-sized fish

When to fish: Spring is best.

Where to fish: Focus on the north end of the lake.

Tip: Drift small jigs under a float with less than a three-foot lead until you find the fish, then anchor.

Largemouth bass; Good numbers of fish

When to fish: Summer.

Where to fish: Lily pads, floating weed mats and under cut banks in the south end.

Tip: Quietly cast worms or flipping jigs two to six feet ahead.

—Ron James & Leo Stakos, hosts of Fish TV

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