Rice Lake
Image Via: John Vetterli

Rice Lake


Species: Bass, Crappie, Walleye/Pickerel

Location: Ontario


Why we chose it

In 2012, ranked #37 in all-time hot spots

In the heart of Ontario’s popular Kawartha Lakes, Rice is shallow, fertile, weedy and a three-season, multi-species hot spot. In the spring, the north shore gives up good numbers of slab crappies, while summer means largemouth; although the wild rice beds have mostly disappeared, there’s still a lot of cover, including plenty of cottage docks. In the fall, meanwhile, football-sized smallies come out to play. And here’s a little-known tip: Fall is also a red-hot time for walleye.

In 2009, Crappie; Good numbers of decent-sized slabs


When to fish: Early in the season.

Where to fish: Work shallow, protected bays along the lake’s north shore, where the water warms quickly.


Tip: Fish small jigs tipped with tiny soft-plastic split tails or tubes, or in-line spinners.

—Tom Brooke, vice-president of Shimano Canada

In 2008, Largemouth bass; Great numbers of fish weighing up to five pounds

When to fish: From opening day until August.

Where to fish: Green weedbeds in three to six feet of water.

Tip: Use white spinnerbaits with gold blades for numbers of fish. For big ones, cast Texas-rigged worms or black and blue weedless flipping jigs.

—Cam Brownson, host of The Angler & Hunter

Walleye; Big fish

When to fish: Fall.

Where to fish: Weedlines in 10 to 12 feet of water.

Tip: Cast bucktail jigs and crankbaits.

—Ron James & Leo Stakos, hosts of Fish TV