Rocky Mountain House
Rocky Mountain House

Rocky Mountain House

Species: Antelope, Bear, Elk, Moose, Turkey

Coordinates: 52° 22€² 31€³ N, 114° 55€² 18€³ W

Location: Alberta

Population: 6,900

Why we chose it

If you like to wear Levis, riding boots and Stetsons and you enjoy rodeos, this is the place for you—and even more so if you’re into hunting. For starters, the ranch country to the east along the David Thompson Highway all the way to Red Deer is where big whitetails and mule deer abound. Then there’s the Cowboy Trail, running north to Drayton Valley and south to Sundre, with its ranches, rivers and forests. There are abundant deer along that stretch, too, as well as moose, elk and bear. Headed west, the David Thompson Highway winds into sheep and goat country, but for most of the mountain management units, you’ll need to get lucky in the draw to take trophy animals. That said, elk, moose and bear are also found in these areas. Quite a bit farther south near the U.S. border, meanwhile, there are seasons for Merriam’s turkey and pronghorn antelope. One of the many great things about Rocky Mountain House is that you don’t need to be discreet about being a hunter. The chances are good your neighbour shares your passion, and is someone who won’t hesitate to get a newcomer headed in the right direction. The local health care is good, the primary- and secondary-education standards are high, and the residents exude a neighbourliness that warms the soul. And you don’t have to go far for supplies—several local shops cater specifically to hunters, including Don’s Gunsmithing, Custom Gunworx and Timber Creek Outdoors.

More info:

  • Rocky Mountain Archers, (403) 845-5163

George Gruenefeld

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