Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation’s popular Wildlife Poster Program to add another edition


The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation is excited to announce it is adding another edition to its popular Wildlife Poster Program, described on the SWF website as “a fun way of introducing youth to the wildlife living in their own backyard.”

The 16 posters in the series so far feature detailed illustrations of hoofed animals, predators, birds of prey, shorebirds, snakes and fish, among other provincial species. Wildlife artist Paul Geraghty from Avonlea, Saskatchewan, provided most of the artwork.


Expected to be completed in February, the new poster will feature turtles and lizards, as well as toads, frogs and other amphibians. As with previous posters, the new one will include hand-drawn illustrations and descriptions of each species, along with range maps. Although the artist had not been confirmed at press time, the SWF’s director of education programming, Doug Gibson, says he plans to again use local talent.

SWF posters feature the province’s wildlife

Since the program is heavily sponsored by Sask Lotteries, the posters are available for free upon request. However, there is a $25 shipping fee to cover rising postal costs, Gibson says.

Although the posters are ideally suited for schools, Gibson says he’s also received requests from fishing and hunting camps, outfitters and local SWF branches, among others. “It’s kind of funny when you’re out and about and see one, as you never know where they’re going to pop up,” he says. “We’ve had really good feedback.”


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