5 awesome fishing spots that are surprisingly easy to overlook

On the edge

Hit these subtle hot spots to put more fish in the boat

If I could give you one tip to catch more and bigger walleye, bass, trout, salmon, pike, muskies, yellow perch and crappies this season, it would be to fish the edges where different structure, cover and habitat converge. The two most obvious edges to target are the surface and bottom of whatever waterbody you’re fishing. For example, early-season walleye use the bottom as both a security blanket and a highway to guide them to different food sources and seasonal habitats. When bass, muskies or trout are looking up and locked onto surface, meanwhile, nothing matches a topwater presentation.


As good as the bottom and surface edges can be, however, you’re making a mistake if you ignore some less obvious transition zones. As a matter of fact, the harder it is to locate an edge, the better it typically is. Here are the subtle spots to look out for this spring.

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