Tackle week 2019: The top 12 new lures for fishing in Canada

2019’s best new lures

The latest jerkbaits, spinners, soft-plastics, swimbaits, topwaters, jigs and more for Canadian anglers

Best hard bait


Freddy is an ingenious, multi-segmented wakebait with a single tail hook, plus a belly treble that you can remove to make the lure weedless. Available in four hand-painted colours, this topwater shimmies like crazy, shaking an internal glass stick loaded with steel balls. Largemouth bass anglers will surely drool over this beefy 7¼-inch-long bait, but I’m dying to also watch big toothy critters try to enjoy Freddy’s frog legs for dinner.

Learn more: Westin, www.westin-fishing.com

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