Tackle week 2019: The top 12 new lures for fishing in Canada

2019’s best new lures

The latest jerkbaits, spinners, soft-plastics, swimbaits, topwaters, jigs and more for Canadian anglers

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Best jerkbait


One of my pet tackle complaints is that too many lures are short, squat and designed to imitate shad—a key forage in U.S. reservoirs. This Japanese-made lure, however, resembles the long, slender ciscoes and smelt found in Canadian waters. Internally balanced, and with a short, rounded bill, it darts erratically and floats to the surface on the pause. It’s available in 3½-, 4 3/8- and 5¼-inch sizes and five holographic baitfish patterns.

Learn more: Yo-Zuri America, (772) 336-2280; www.yo-zuri.com

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