Image Via: Kerry Mercer
Image Via: Kerry Mercer

Taxi passenger captures video of wolves trying to take down bison in N.W.T.

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Taxi passengers interrupt a trio of wolves attacking a herd of bison

If you take a cab in most towns or cities, the strangest wildlife you’re likely to experience is the gaggle of liquored-up clubbers that pile out of bars at closing time. Not so in the N.W.T.

Some passengers travelling by taxi from Fort Providence to Yellowknife came across a trio of wolves attacking a herd of buffalo. As the car pulls up on the scene, the wolves scatter, and the herd continues to run along the side of the frozen road. Regardless if you’re on the side of the predators or the prey, it’s not something most people ever get to witness. As one of the unseen women in taxi declares: “Well, that was the sight of a lifetime.”

The passenger filming the video, Kerry Mercer, posted it on Facebook three days ago, and it’s since gone viral. At the time Mercer wrote:

Driving in a taxi from Fort Providence to Yellowknife on my way home. We came up on a small pack of Wolves trying to take down a Buffalo from the herd. I only had my cell phone camera, so the video quality is not good, but you can see it better if you enlarge it to full screen. Pretty cool to see though in person….

See for yourself, below.

Wolf attacking bison
Credit: Kerry Mercer

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