The #1 factor when hunting fall black bears

In season: black bears

Find the food, find the bruins

Hunting for black bears in the fall is all about discovering where they’re feeding to fatten up for the winter. Key foods include standing grains, fruit and berry crops, acorns and other mast, and fish, all in proximity to dense escape cover. Local landowners are generally appreciative of hunters, and they can often tell you where there are active bears.

Scout fall bears in the shoulder hours

Since black bears are crepuscular—meaning they’re active during the twilight hours—do your scouting and hunting during dawn and dusk. Fall bears can be extremely mobile as they deplete one food source and move on to the next, so you should also stay on the move until you find a feeding boar. Whether you’re scouting, stalking or setting up a blind, pay close attention to the wind, as bears will always trust their noses for signs of danger.


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