Image Via: Gord Pyzer
Image Via: Gord Pyzer

The 2015 ice-fishing guide: Seven game changers

Seven game changers

Outdoor Canada's 2015 ice-fishing guide

Too many fishless days? Reverse your fortunes with these seven winter tactics for catching more panfish, northern pike, sauger, trout, walleye and whitefish

1. Fatal flashers for lake trout (January 16)

2. Potent pivot to supercharge your spoons (January 23)

3. Jolting jig for northern pike (January 30)

4. Deadly droppers for panfish and whitefish (February 6)

5. Lose the line twist, catch more… everything (February 13)

6. Deft drop-shotting for walleye, trout, perch and panfish (February 20)

7. Perch pretender for trophy lake trout (February 27)

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