The top 10 reasons why anglers love Honda


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So why exactly are there so many Honda 4-strokes gracing the backs of fishing boats across Canada? Let us count the ways!



Honda has the most 4-stroke marine experience, with engines inspired by the company’s legendary automotive technology. The result? Quality outboards for anglers who want to make the most of their precious time on the water. Honda calls it the “4-stroke advantage.”


Hey, why pollute where you fish? Honda’s 4-strokes run 90% cleaner than 2-stroke outboards, and not surprisingly, they’re the first-ever outboards to meet or exceed the emission standards set out by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.



Name one angler who doesn’t want to save money to buy more fishing tackle! Honda’s 4-stroke outboards allow for just that. Promising 50% more fuel efficiency than typical 2-stroke motors, Honda’s outboards let you enjoy a long day of fishing without breaking the bank.


Fishing should be all about peace and quiet and enjoying the great outdoors, not roaring engines. Running 50% quieter than typical 2-stroke motors, Honda’s powerful outboards are designed to quickly get you to your fishing hot spots—without making a racket along the way.


Just as avid anglers appreciate a high-performance fishing reel or finely crafted lure, they also appreciate the value of an expertly made outboard motor. From the factory floor to the dealer’s showroom, ensuring top quality is key to Honda’s 4-stroke outboards.


Because of their cleaner-, cooler-running 4-stroke design, Honda outboards need less maintenance than 2-strokes. Plus, it’s dead easy to check or change the oil and replace the filter, and that means more time for what’s really important—going fishing!


There are no guarantees when it comes to fishing, but anglers at least expect manufacturers to stand behind their products, whether they’re fishing rods or motors. Honda agrees. That’s why it was the first to offer a non-declining, 3-year limited warranty on its built-to-last 4-stroke outboards.


Anglers appreciate innovation and Honda doesn’t disappoint. It was the first to offer an exclusive line of 4-strokes, and last year at the International Boat Builder’s Exhibition, Honda earned the Innovation Award for its all-new BF6 portable engine.


In the event your outboard requires some expert fine-tuning, Honda will ensure it’s soon up and running so you don’t miss that next fishing trip. With highly skilled technicians using only genuine Honda parts, our dealers promise to maintain your motor’s original level of quality.


Honda is always coming out with exciting new products, such as 2016’s BF4 4-horse and award-winning BF6 6-horse portable outboards, perfect for small fishing boats and inflatables or as kickers for larger fishing boats. Now how’s that for a 4-stroke advantage?

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