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Two big awards for Outdoor Canada


As editor of Outdoor Canada, I have a straightforward mandate: to create this country’s best fishing and hunting magazine. By all accounts, my team and I are doing a pretty good job of living up to that promise. Subscription renewals are as strong as ever and our newsstand sales are continuing to grow, remarkable feats both considering the current economic climate. That enough speaks to the quality of our content; namely, people like what they’re reading and they’re continuing to buy the magazine (thank you, readers!).

So when we received two prestigious National Magazine Awards last night at the classy Carlu in downtown Toronto, it was pure, sweet icing on the cake. In all, we were up for five awards and, in the end, we took home gold and silver. Here’s the tally.



Service Lifestyle: “The best of Living Off the Land,” Brad Fenson, T.J. Schwanky, Alan Davy, Angelo Paino, Aaron Kylie, Jake MacDonald, Mario Carlucci, Ken Bailey, Wayne Phillips, Gord Pyzer, Jack Bramm, Gord Deval, Duane Radford, Bruce Masterman, Patrick Walsh, Sherri Canjar, Nancy Johnston, George Gruenefeld, Paul Quarrington, Tony Aspler, Bob Sexton, Ryan Shervill and Deborah Podurgiel



Travel: “Requiem for a River,” Mark Anderson


  • Editorial Package: “The best of Living Off the Land,” (as above)
  • Sports & Recreation: “Requiem for a River,” Mark Anderson
  • Sports & Recreation: “Taking Back the Sport of Kings,” Jake MacDonald

Congratulations to all our nominated field editors and contributors, as well as to our amazing art and editorial staff (Aaron Kylie, Bob Sexton and Sandra Cheung), as well as former art director Rob Biron.

As of now, Outdoor Canada has earned a total of nine golds, eight silvers and 48 honourable mentions at the National Magazine Awards. (Full disclosure: I’m in the first year of a two-year term as president of the National Magazine Awards Foundation, the non-profit body that organizes the annual awards program. I should note, too, that I am not involved in the judging process.)