Video Tip: How to improve your wacky rig


I don’t think it is a coincidence that many of the deadliest fishing techniques are also the simplest.

Take rigging a soft plastic stickbait wacky style, casting it out, letting it freefall to the bottom and then crushing the smallmouth and largemouth bass. If there is a simpler way to catch more and bigger bass, I don’t know what it is.


I recently wrote about the origin of the technique and how to present a lure wacky style in Outdoor Canada magazine.  You can find the web version of my fishing column HERE.

Today, however, I want to take a minute—literally 60 seconds—and focus on the best style hooks to use when you’re fishing wacky style.

Simply click on the following video link, and you’ll find everything you need to know so you, too, can start catching fish like the pros.