Gord Pyzer

Video Tip: The most important ingredient to fishing success


A new open water fishing season is upon us and with it are flowing some mighty high expectations.

Most of us have been reading magazine features throughout the winter, sharing information on fishing forums, participating in chat lines and watching fishing tournaments live on the internet.


Unfortunately, while most of us are carrying sky high hopes into the new season, the reality is that just like New Year’s Resolutions, it won’t take long before most of them are dashed and fall to the wayside.

But it doesn’t have to end this way.

Instead, there is an important ingredient that you can incorporate into your fishing strategies this year that will give you a huge leg up on the fish and the fishing competition.


I recorded this short Fish Talk With The Doc video tip for Ang and Pete and the Fish ‘N Canada television show, and if you incorporate the strategy into your regimen this season, I am confident you will take your fishing game to brand new level.