Image Via: Pierre Dalous
Image Via: Pierre Dalous

Videos of birds using bait to catch fish

Flying fishermen

Clever birds use bait to catch fish

It seems that I may need to rethink my use of the insult “bird-brained.”

If this collection of amazing videos is any indication, birds are actually a lot smarter than I’ve thought. That’s certainly the case when it comes to their fishing ability.

I mean, other than some kind of avian telepathy where all birds are tapped into a feathery hive-mind-type matrix, how is it that different species of birds in different parts of the world are all using bait to catch fish? Is this what birds do when they go on their migration, get together and share information at some kind of bird conference?

What’s next? Tiny claw-operated rods and reels? Sunflower seed lures? The questions abound!

Wonder bird: our feathered friend uses a piece of bread to catch its lunch

Crusty creature: Bread lures in a fish for a crow in Israel. For the full story on this one, go to:

Up in smoke: This bird uses a cigarette butt as bait

Aloha amigo: This Hawaiian bird also gets in on the bread-as-bait action

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