8 ways to fix a duck or goose hunt that’s going sideways



The most common mechanical breakdown is a shotgun problem—a shell gets stuck in the action, a firing pin breaks or your normally reliable smoothbore has simply decided to take the day off. And if you hunt on water and use a boat, motor problems can also put an end to the day.



Learn how to fully disassemble your shotgun, which allows you to address most common malfunctions in the field. When the problem can’t be fixed, take the team approach with a hunting buddy and share a gun, taking turns shooting.

If you use a boat to hunt waterfowl, you must be prepared for potential mechanical issues, as they can quickly become a safety issue. Motor problems can happen at any time, including clogged fuel filters or intakes, fouled plugs, broken shear pins and snapped starter cords. With that in mind, always bring a basic tool kit and extra parts for making most common repairs. Also be sure to have a means of communication for those times when a call for rescue is the only solution.