Gord Pyzer’s 12 all-time greatest winter walleye tips


Compact spoons such as the Bully are top walleye attractors


One of best lures you can use to attract winter walleye—I call them flash baits—are small, compact spoons. My two favourites are the Williams Bully and a 1/4- to 3/8-ounce Acme Kastmaster. Don’t fret about the colour; silver, gold or firetiger will serve you well anywhere across the country. When the fish are active, you’ll see them rush in on your sonar screen, then feel them smack your bait.

When walleye are more cautious, however, you need to dress the treblehook. Some anglers use a live minnow, but I don’t because it will pop off when I briskly snap the spoon. A much better option is to remove the treblehook, skewer on a real or soft-plastic minnow head onto the shank, then reattach it (also see tactic #11). That way, the metal spoon will act as the attractor, while the rocking minnow head serves as the trigger.