Gord Pyzer’s 12 all-time greatest winter walleye tips


With a Fastach clip, you can easily customize your lure


If only I could have kept this tactic a secret. When Bernard Yong-Set first showed me his prototype Stringease Fastach clip years ago, I was excited for reasons he had never envisioned. He designed the clip as an alternative to using a snap to quickly change lures, and while it’s certainly good for that, I came up with another application that’s perfect for ice fishing.

First, I replace the treblehooks on my flash baits, spoons and Jigging Raps with Fastach clips. Then I run the shank of each treblehook through the centre of a clipped off minnow head so that the eye of the hook emerges between the minnow’s lips. Finally, I attach the baited trebles to the Fastach clips, making it impossible for walleye—or any other fish for that matter—to remove the minnow head without getting hooked.


My friend Doug Stange, host of TV’s In-Fisherman, forced me to expose this trick while we were filming an episode of his show. Once the episode aired, you couldn’t buy a Fastach clip anywhere, they became in such high demand. To this day, this remains the single simplest lure alteration you can make to boost your wintertime walleye hook-ups.