2015’s best new camping gear
Aug 5, 2015
Top picks to help you sleep, shelter, cook and eat in style this summer
5 secret summer tips for lakers, bass, muskies, pike and walleye
Aug 3, 2015
Fishing editor Gord Pyzer reveals new patterns using bladebaits, Senkos, swimbaits, floats and snap-strolling
Paying it forward—Manitoba style
Aug 2, 2015
Gear donations by the province’s Walleye Anglers Association get kids on the water—and catching big ’eyes
On the Water Online
Uncommon Catches Week: Summer secrets for giant longnose gar
Jul 31, 2015
For explosive spring sight-fishing, Canada’s very own dinosaur-era sportfish is a unique and exciting adversary
5 ways to get kids into the outdoors—and keep them there
Jul 30, 2015
How to encourage children to explore the natural world, test their limits and—gasp!—even face a little risk
Uncommon Catches Week: Why you’ve got to try fishing for mountain whitefish
Jul 29, 2015
For summer fun, it’s hard to beat the scrappy, hungry and abundant “rockies” of Alberta and B.C.
4 steps for introducing your hunting pup to boats
Jul 28, 2015
Even natural water dogs need some help on their first cruise. Here’s how to keep Fido safe, calm and comfy
Uncommon Catches Week: How to sight-fish for carp on the fly
Jul 27, 2015
What you need to know about gear, flies and stalking these huge, wary and powerful fish
Fly Fishing
How to spend 19 days fishing a whitewater river—all by yourself
Jul 24, 2015
Essential tips to keep you safe, dry, warm and well-fed on the solo adventure of a lifetime
Manitoba fishing secrets from Don “Stickey” Stokotelny
Jul 23, 2015
8 awesome hot spots from the tackle store owner and tournament champ
Walleye fun in the summer time sun
Jul 22, 2015
Fishing is full of ironies, paradoxes and incongruities.   A good example is catching walleyes in the summer time when the fish are feeding at their most intense and aggressive pace of the year, eating up to three-percent of their body weight...
On the Water Online
9 reasons why you’ve got to visit Ontario’s spectacular Lake Temagami
Jul 22, 2015
Based in beautiful Finlayson Point Provincial Park, we check out the fishing, the scenery and some really, really big trees


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