Canada's got (outdoor) talent!
Jan 20, 2017
Canada's Jim Shockey, Dave Mercer are big winners at 2017 Outdoor Sportsman Awards
Ice-fishing Friday: Why you need to start using use lighter ice line
Jan 20, 2017
Not getting bites? It might be your line. Here’s why you need to lighten up
Ice Fishing
How focusing too much on scoring can be harmful to hunting
Jan 19, 2017
There are other, more important ways to measure the success of a hunt
Big Game
Blue Fish Radio: How conservation is bringing Hamilton Harbour back to life
Jan 18, 2017
For decades, Hamilton, Ontario’s heavy industry poisoned Lake Ontario, but now the fishery is coming back
Gun review: Browning's X-Bolt Varmint Stalker offers consistent accuracy
Jan 17, 2017
With predator numbers rising across Canada, this may be the rifle you need
Looking for a new fly rod? Here's what you need to consider
Jan 16, 2017
Fly rods can be complicated, but these tips will help you land the perfect stick
Fly Fishing
Ice-fishing Friday: How to lure in more fish with sound
Jan 13, 2017
During hardwater season, sound matters a lot more than you think. Here's why
Ice Fishing
Become an all-around bowhunter by mastering the long shot
Jan 12, 2017
Why you should learn how to shoot long, and how to do it
Straight shooter: Outdoor Canada's Dave Anderson appraises your rare firearms
Jan 11, 2017
Learn the history and value of a WWI Mauser, a WWII Lee-Enfield, a 101-year-old Winchester .30-30 and a set of Canadian commemoratives
Awesome new outdoor gear to get you through the Canadian winter
Jan 10, 2017
Check out this boss blade and cool coat, keep you toes toasty and master venison cooking
Icing perch that have been dining on the spiny water flea
Jan 9, 2017
Spiny water fleas have invaded my home waters of Lake of the Woods. Here's how they've impacted yellow perch
On the Water Online
Perch paella: Give your winter's catch some spicy Spanish flair
Jan 9, 2017
How to transform that bucket of yellow perch into a zesty, hearty meal


Canada’s Top Outdoorswoman Contest
Contest closes Feb 1, 2017
We're looking for an outgoing, media-savvy, avid outdoorswoman to represent the face of female hunters in Canada.

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