Happy Canada Day
Jul 1, 2016
Would you look at this country?!? So awesome. Happy Canada,
Field Findings
6 winning walleye tips from a tournament trail veteran
Jul 1, 2016
Edmonton’s Ron Fibke has experienced victory from both sides of the weigh-in
In defence of the federal conservatives’ past environmental record
Jun 30, 2016
MP Robert D. Sopuck says Stephen Harper was a true champion of angling and hunting
How to fish for cutthroat trout in high-country lakes and rivers
Jun 29, 2016
To tackle Canada’s true mountain fish, head for the hills of Alberta and B.C.
5 fascinating facts about outdoor adventure in our nation
Jun 28, 2016
From 1,156 to 65—important numbers that Canadian anglers and hunters should know
3 of Canada’s must-do summer fishing adventures
Jun 27, 2016
Take a trip for fat and feisty N.B. smallmouth, monster muskie in Ontario or bruiser ’bows at one of Kamloop’s 100 trout lakes
Celebrated musician David Wilkie’s hot spots for ’bows, browns, cutties and more
Jun 26, 2016
Singer, songwriter and mandolinist for Cowboy Celtic is a trout-fishing fanatic
Saskatchewan hunting forecast: A great year for big game and upland birds
Jun 25, 2016
Mild winter means increased numbers of game animals, says Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation
When summer smallmouth just won’t bite, try this new secret weapon
Jun 24, 2016
It’s the spybait—here’s when, where, how and why these bass pros fish it
Celebrate National Fishing Week with this rod and reel giveaway
Jun 23, 2016
Also, hear how Canada's awesome fishing could solve all the world's problems
On the Water Online
Where Canadian bluegrass maestro Chris Coole goes to wet a line
Jun 23, 2016
Acclaimed musician pursues trout and bass on the fly, and has a passion for perch
DaVinci Code Bucketmouths
Jun 22, 2016
One of the most challenging periods of the bass fishing season for many anglers is the post spawn phase that we're now entering.  It is a time of major change when the males, in particular, are vacating their parental duties...
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Albino racoon
Tom Bozek's big muskie!
Giant brook trout
14.66 gbay rainbow
First Spring Bear
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