If you're a fly angler, you need a few of these brilliant leaders
May 25, 2015
Easy-to-use sinking leaders let you fish deep without a sink-tip line
Fly Fishing
Why every fish that swims will hammer a perch-coloured bait
May 22, 2015
In spring, yellow perch are vulnerable, and the walleye, northern pike and bass know it
On the Water Online
Why you’ve got to try fishing from a personal watercraft
May 22, 2015
Casting a line from a PWC may sound crazy, but this angler says they can be fantastic fishing machines
How to keep your dog safe in the springtime
May 20, 2015
Beware these 4 hazards that can mean a trip to the vet—or worse
5 essential tactics and tips for a successful spring bear hunt
May 18, 2015
Everything you need to know about spot-and-stalk, baiting, calling, guns and loads
Big Game
How to catch big walleye in spring—anywhere in Canada
May 15, 2015
The best early-season walleye gear, baits and tactics for prairie lakes, Shield lakes and rivers
How the colour of your sinker can help you catch more fish
May 15, 2015
Do the details matter to bass? Pros like Aaron Martens think so
On the Water Online
Blue Fish Radio: How we can ensure more and bigger fish for future anglers
May 13, 2015
Listen to a podcast about the many ways non-profit organization Recycled Fish is promoting stewardship on and off the water... and you can too
Land lunker walleye, trout, pike and muskie by understanding their natural weaknesses
May 11, 2015
Why every fish has an “Achilles heel” and how you can use it to hook ’em
Three angling adventures to try this spring and summer
May 8, 2015
Cast a line for Rocky Mountain cutthroat trout, Quebec walleye or Arctic grayling in Alberta
6 surprising and revealing facts about hunting and fishing in Canada
May 6, 2015
From 2.2 million to 0.69—important facts and figures for anglers, hunters and outdoorsfolk
Testing Garmin’s game-changing new Panoptix fishfinder
May 4, 2015
OC hits the water to check out "phased array sonar," and get bassin’ tips from an Elite Series pro


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