Report: Many Canadian waterbodies contaminated with dihydrogen monoxide
Apr 1, 2015
Scientists find shockingly high levels of “silent, invisible killer” in even pristine, remote lakes and rivers
Lake Winnipeg's world-class walleye fishery
Mar 30, 2015
These shots prove it’s home to more 10-pound greenbacks than anywhere in the world
On the Water Online
8 new safety accessories every angler needs
Mar 30, 2015
This new gear will guard against angling calamities—or get you out of a jam if disaster strikes
Ice fishing Friday: Trophy lakers, gigantic crappies and 60 pounds of bass
Mar 27, 2015
The Outdoor Canada team recently hit the hardwater with fishing editor Gord Pyzer to work on stories for our Winter 2016 issue
Ice Fishing
Why it’s high time to make peace with crossbow hunting
Mar 25, 2015
Bowhunting’s compound vs. crossbow feud is damaging and unnecessary. Field editor Brad Fenson says it’s time to move past this divisive attitude
4 great tips for introducing your pup to gunfire
Mar 23, 2015
With proper conditioning, Fido will beg to head afield at the mere sight of a shotgun
Are European perch the same fish as our yellow perch?
Mar 21, 2015
What's the difference between our perch and North American perch? Fishing Editor Gord Pyzer explains.
On the Water Online
Ice fishing Friday: How to target walleye during March Madness
Mar 20, 2015
Last-ice promises the winter's hottest walleye action... if you hit the right spots
Ice Fishing
Blue Fish Radio: Flushing drugs into our fish
Mar 18, 2015
Drugs entering our ecosystem via household bathrooms are causing troubling effects, including male fish that have begun producing eggs
The winter escape: Why even diehard ice anglers can justify a trip south
Mar 16, 2015
It’s perfectly fine to (occasionally) trade ice holes and snowy treks for sun and sand
How important is the colour of your bait or lure?
Mar 15, 2015
Recent research from Carleton University's Institute of Environmental Science is sure to spark debate.
On the Water Online
Ice Fishing Friday: The only four walleye lures you'll ever need
Mar 13, 2015
Worth another look: In our all-time most watched video, Gord Pyzer reveals his secret walleye baits
Ice Fishing


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