Angler Hall of Fame 2017
Feb 17, 2017
Meet Canada's newest member of the Angler Hall of Fame
Ice-fishing Friday: Want to land more lakers, walleye, pike and perch? Stop jigging!
Feb 17, 2017
When used correctly, a deadstick rod is lethal. Here’s what you need to know
Ice Fishing
Cool cuisine for the winter of 2017: Pike Chowder
Feb 16, 2017
For an ice-fishing feast, make this hearty chowder out on the hardwater
Blue Fish Radio: Why you need to see What Lies Below
Feb 15, 2017
Lawrence Gunther answers questions about his new feature-length documentary on fish and fishing
10 hardwater dos and don'ts for surviving the Canadian ice season
Feb 14, 2017
Follow these rules to ensure your winter adventure doesn’t end in tragedy
A New Brunswick outdoorsman's true tale of terror on the ice
Feb 13, 2017
Even an expert hunter, angler or trapper can fall prey to icy—and deadly—mishaps
Things to keep in mind when driving on frozen lakes
Feb 12, 2017
My trip to "the office" is across the frozen ice. Here's how to keep it safe
On the Water Online
Ice-fishing Friday: The trick that landed Bob Izumi his biggest ever pike
Feb 10, 2017
Gord Pyzer reveals the secret to finding those special spots where the lunkers lurk
Ice Fishing
Winter adventure: Taking advantage of a surprise elk hunt
Feb 9, 2017
How one Saskatchewan hunter extended his season, and helped control a problem elk population
Big Game
How to catch your first bonefish on the fly (and on a budget)
Feb 8, 2017
Tips for average the Canuck angler with dreams of landing a grey ghost
How to start your snowmachine in the cold—every single time
Feb 7, 2017
These cold-weather tricks can save your fishing day... and maybe even your life
On the Water Online
Cool cuisine for the winter of 2017: Caribbean Trout
Feb 6, 2017
Warm up your day by making these sassy skewers... while you’re out on the ice!


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