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2015’s Best Bowhunting Gear: 8 New Must-have Accessories

Sportsman Bale Blind

The Latest Arrows, Broadheads, Sights, Blinds and More for Canadian Archers

The archery world is booming, and anyone on the hunt for new equipment is now faced with the not-so-bad problem of having too many great products to choose from. Here are the new arrows and accessories I want to take afield this year. Also see, 2015’s best new bows and crossbows.

Beman Carbon White Label
Beman Carbon White Label

Carbon White Label

White Label offers a simplified approach for archery enthusiasts confused by the intricacies of arrow selection: the arrows are sold in four-packs for compound bows up to 70-pound draw weight, and in all arrow lengths up to 29 inches. Shafts are cut to length and all components come assembled—just screw in a broadhead and go hunting.

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