Vision quest

Sharp shades to help you catch more fish (and look good doin’ it)

Polarized sunglasses are an angler’s best friend, allowing you to spot fish and underwater structure, and protecting your eyes from both UV rays and errant casts.



US$129.99, Bollé

Key features: Hydrophobic, anti-smudging lens coating, with anti-reflection treatment on the backside; proprietary ThermoGrip temple tips and nose pads; floating cord.

The promise: “A very secure, comfortable fit.”



US$169-$249, Costa del Mar

Key features: Heat- and cold-resistant frame with anti-fog venting; hypoallergenic temple tips and nose pads; comes in four frame colours and five lens shades; accommodates prescription lenses.

The promise: “Colour-enhancing lenses, with premium frame.”



US$39.99, Fisherman Eyewear

Key features: Photochromic lenses adjust to changing light levels in 10 seconds; lightweight, polycarbonate, semi-rimless frames with non-slip nose pads; fits medium to large faces.

The promise: “Lenses adapt so your eyes don’t have to.” 



US$299, Maui Jim

Key features: Super-thin glass lenses in a metal frame; acetate temples; adjustable rubber nose pads; also comes in black with grey or rose lenses; accommodates prescription lenses. The promise: “Optically correct, distortion-free lenses.”



US$179.99, Salt Life

Key features: Women’s sunglasses based on Salt Life’s bestselling fashion model; made in Italy with Zeiss lenses; available in five lens options and a wide range of frame colours. The promise: “Perfect for the beach or the boat.”



US$219, Smith

Key features: Semi-rimless frame for increased field of view, with wide temples to block the sun; Smith’s ChromaPop lenses for enhanced clarity and natural colour; integrated detachable leash. The promise: “There for you no matter the path taken.”



US$100, Spy

Key features: Proprietary Happy Lens coating keeps out harmful UV rays while letting in longwave rays to enhance mood and alertness; polymer frame with easy leash attachment. The promise: “Superior colour and contrast enhancement.” 



US$39.99, Strike King

Key features: Bi-gradient lens treatment protects eyes from both direct and reflected light; hydrophobic coating repels oil, dirt and water; available with black frames. The promise: “Clearly distinguish underwater structure and fish.”


US$150, Wiley X

Key features: Shatterproof lenses with scratch-resistant coating; removable foam seal blocks irritants and peripheral light; accommodates prescription lenses. The promise: “Good looks and superior vision on the water.” 


Most fishing sunglasses are lost or damaged due to carelessness, but with a few simple precautions, your shades can easily last season after season.


Blow away loose particles before cleaning lenses with an optical lens cloth or soft cotton cloth—never use paper or your shirttail. For greasy spots, wet the lenses with glass cleaner or diluted dish soap, then wipe clean.


Never place sunglasses with the lenses face down or in a pocket with objects that can scratch the lenses, such as keys or loose change. Consider using a neck strap to avoid dropping your glasses in the water or leaving them where they can get broken. And always store your shades in a case when you’re not using them.