Numbers game

From 9 to 90,000—notable new numbers anglers and hunters should know about



The new minimum age for hunting small game in Newfoundland and Labrador, down from 16. The minimum age for shooting big game has also been lowered, from 18 to 16. As well, changes have been made to provide more opportunities for hunters with disabilities.



Trapped fish rescued from irrigation canals in southern Alberta this past fall, by volunteers with Trout Unlimited Canada. Since 1998, almost 900,000 fish have been rescued under the initiative and returned to their native rivers.



Grant from Wildlife Habitat Canada to help Delta Waterfowl recruit more waterfowl hunters through its First Hunt program. “Hunter numbers are down, so we’re working to ensure the future viability of waterfowl hunting in Canada,” says Jim Fisher, Delta’s director of conservation policy.



Threatened grizzly bear populations in B.C., out of a total of 56, according to a report from the province’s auditor general, Carol Bellringer. Released in October, her independent audit found that habitat loss, not hunting, poses the biggest threat to the bears.