Numbers game: Summer 2017

Notable new facts and figures to know, from 60 to 5.9 million

1Bob Sexton

5.924 million

Total allowable catch of Lake Erie walleye for 2017 through sport- and commercial fishing, agreed upon by the fisheries managers of Michigan, New York, Ohio, Ontario and Pennsylvania. They also agreed to a total yellow perch harvest of 10.375 million pounds (rather than number of fish).



Weight in pounds of the newly set New York state record for channel catfish. Caught and released in Lake Ontario in Jefferson County by Eric Scordo on April 29, the 38¼-inch cat broke the 15-year-old record by almost two and a half pounds. The record in neighbouring Ontario is 33.36 pounds.



Anniversary of Outdoor Canada magazine, first published in November 1972 by then owners Ron and Sheila Kaighin. Now focused solely on fishing, hunting and conservation, the magazine at first covered all things outdoors, including photography, hiking, boating and skiing.



Wood bison, including 105 bulls and 96 cows, successfully hunted in the Yukon between last September and this past March, an increase of 22 over the previous season. A total of 1,630 bison permits (at $10 a piece) were issued as part of the Yukon’s efforts to maintain the Aishihik herd at 1,000 animals.



Anniversary of the D.H. Russell Canadian Belt Knife, the first knife produced by Pictou, Nova Scotia’s Grohmann Knives. Ideal for dressing both small and large game, the unique fixed-blade knife is still in production, complete with this year’s commemorative anniversary edition (pictured).