Wild Cuisine videos: Original recipes prepared by chef Cameron Tait

Learn how to prepare this award-winning chef’s delectable fish and game dishes

A culinary arts instructor at Winnipeg’s Paterson Globalfoods Institute, hunter and angler Cameron Tait is Outdoor Canada's Table Fare game-recipe contributor. As well as sharing his original recipes, he has also created this series of videos showing exactly how he prepares them at home.


Crappie Niçoise Salad

A touch of French Flair for some light summer cuisine

Wild turkey Tex-Mex soup

A deliciously healthy low-sodium, spice-infused dish

Glazed walleye

Asian-inspired,whole-fried, ginger garlic walleye

How to scale and gut walleye

Tips on prepping fish to cook it whole

Moroccan Grilled Duck with Apple and Pear Chutney

Tender spice-infused ducks breasts


Walleye Gyros

A taste of Greece for your next fresh-fish shorelunch


Vietnamese Spring Rolls

A light, refreshing meal for steamy summer days


Turkey Pot Pie

A simple, classic dish to make the most of your spring gobbler