New & noteworthy gear for the fall 2017

4 goodies for sound shooting, smooth trolling & cool hunting, plus some moose reading


With its all-new fully-sealed disk drag system, Islander Reel’s new TR3 trolling reel ($899) promises silky smooth performance across wide temperature ranges, as well as zero start-up inertia and more than enough power to stop the toughest salmon. And with ceramic bearings, the reel eliminates the chance for corrosion, even if you forget to rinse it after a saltwater excursion.

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The culmination of 20 years of photographing and studying the largest member of the deer family, Mark Raycroft’s Moose: Crowned Giant of the Northern Wilderness ($19.95) explores the biology and natural history of this iconic animal. Featuring 140 striking images from the award-winning Outdoor Canada contributor, Moose will make a great addition to anyone’s wildlife library.

Learn more: Firefly Books Ltd., 1-800-387-6192;



Hitting the range before hunting season begins, but you don’t have ear protection? Consider Decibullz Custom Molded Percussive Shooting Filters (US$74.99), which suppress the peak sounds of gunshots to safe levels. The earbuds are designed to quickly and easily fit to the exact shape of your ear—simply heat them in boiling water, let them cool for a bit, then shape them to your ears. And if you don’t get them right the first time, they’re re-mouldable.

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Since it’s so well ventilated, Filson’s newly updated Mesh Game Bag Vest ($195) is ideal for wearing over a shirt while hunting upland birds on warm fall days. It also fits well over a jacket or coat, so you can wear it when the mercury drops, too. The slim vest features extra-tough, water repellent waxed cotton cloth, expandable pockets for shells and other gear, and a rear-loading mesh game bag.

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