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Farm-country moose: Hunting big bulls in wide-open agricultural land

Image Via: Mike Hungle

Down on the farm

Across Canada, moose inhabit pockets of prime cover in the midst of farmland—and that makes for a whole different kind of fall harvest

An early-season rainstorm had made most of the roads in my hunting area impassable, so I had to access the forest I wanted to hunt by walking across a series of large alfalfa fields. By morning’s end, however, it was clear the hunt was a bust, so I left the forest and headed back across the fields. That’s when I spotted a moose feeding on the alfalfa. Using some hay bales to conceal my approach, I soon harvested my first-ever farm country moose. That was almost 30 years ago, and since then, my friends and I have taken many nice moose in farmland environments (below).

Mike Hungle
Mike Hungle

Yes, that’s right, farmland.

It’s no secret moose have long inhabited farm country within close proximity to forests. These days, however, farmland moose hunting isn’t limited to forest fringe areas. Thanks to good cover, a lack of predators and an abundance of grains and alfalfa, moose populations have expanded out of the forests and into open farmland across much of Canada. In the West’s parkland and prairie regions, you can even find moose hundreds of kilometres from the nearest forest. Wherever you find big bulls down on the farm, here’s how to effectively hunt them.

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