Top 8 ice-fishing boots
Dec 17, 2010
Banish cold toes forever with the latest ice-fishing boots
7 two-way radios
Nov 17, 2010
Forget those clunky, crackly walkie-talkies you played with as...
Guide: Best cartridges & bullets for big-game animals
Oct 25, 2010
Professional outfitters and guides: These are the folks who live and breathe hunting every single day, not just the few times a year most of us manage to spend afield. And for them, success depends on the success...
Secrets of the pros: the two-gun battery
Oct 19, 2010
What Canadian outfitters had to say on the two-gun battery
Secrets of the pros: optics
Oct 19, 2010
When asked if they recommended fixed- or variable-power riflescopes, the...
Secrets of the pros: the one-gun option
Oct 19, 2010
Which calibres Canadian outfitters chose for hunting all big game
Top cartridges & bullets for white-tailed deer
Oct 18, 2010
Expert Canadian outfitters on what's best to use when hunting whitetails
Top cartridges & bullets for moose
Oct 18, 2010
Ten different cartridges received votes as the best choice...
Top cartridges & bullets for mule deer
Oct 18, 2010
Given the mule deer's limited distribution—and the fact outfitted hunts...
Top cartridges & bullets for black bears
Oct 18, 2010
No category generated anywhere near as much difference of...
Top cartridges & bullets for western animals
Oct 18, 2010
Outfitters pick their faves for sheep, Rocky Mountain goat, pronghorn, cougar, grizzly bear & wolf
Top cartridges & bullets for caribou
Oct 18, 2010
Twenty-one of the outfitters hunt caribou, with the .30-06...
Top cartridges & bullets for elk
Oct 18, 2010
Outfitters tell us which cartridges & bullets are the best
Top bowhunting gear 2010
Oct 8, 2010
From bows to blades to backstops, we've made a list of the best archery gear around
2010 Guide: Best new hunting gear
Aug 23, 2010
Whatever your game, our annual roundup of great new gear has you covered
2010 Guide: ATVs
Aug 21, 2010
As with fishing boats, it's not surprising the worldwide economic...
Canuck lure maker scores big at ICAST
Jul 15, 2010
A Canadian lure maker is making a big splash this week down in Las Vegas at the 53rd annual International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades, or ICAST, the world’s biggest trade show for all things angling. St Catharines,
6 tips for ATV owners
Mar 31, 2010
It's simple. Neglect a quad and, sooner or later, it’ll...
Prepping your vehicle for backcountry driving
Mar 12, 2010
Many vehicles on the market today are geared more to...
How to start a vintage lure collection
Nov 15, 2009
Lures are the eye candy of fishing tackle, and collecting...
Going back to basics
Sep 25, 2009
How one gadget guru realized it was time to gear down
Get the most out of your fishing tech
Aug 24, 2009
How to take today's fish-finding electronics to the next level€”and land more fish
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