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How Tikka's new T3x Lite Stainless rifle performed in our tests
Sep 6, 2017
Gun review: The trusty Finnish-made T3 gets a welcome upgrade
High-tech base layers for frosty days afield
Nov 8, 2013
Time to upgrade your undergarments? Try these moisture-wicking base layers on for size
2013's best new shotguns
Apr 24, 2013
Our exclusive round-up of the top new shotguns for Canadian hunters
2013's best new rifles
Apr 22, 2013
Our exclusive annual round-up of the top rifles for Canadian hunters
2012's top ammunition
May 29, 2012
Hunting editor Ken Bailey's roundup of this year's best ammo
Top shotguns 2012
May 29, 2012
The familiar “Humpback” is set for a return to the...
Top rifles 2012
May 29, 2012
What the cutting-edge hunter will be carrying afield this year
The best rifles and cartridges for small game
Nov 9, 2011
Everything you need to know about varmint guns, loads and more
Top 3 new muzzleloaders
Oct 11, 2011
Looking for a one-shot wonder? Here are some of today's top guns
How to buy a used gun
Oct 6, 2011
What you need to know about tracking down old rifles & shotguns
Guns for women
Aug 26, 2011
4 things to consider before buying a gal a gun
The best guns of 2011
May 27, 2011
Kids face an uphill battle when learning to shoot with...
Choosing the right shotgun choke
Mar 15, 2011
A primer on choosing the right shotgun choke for the job at hand
Secrets of the pros: the two-gun battery
Oct 19, 2010
What Canadian outfitters had to say on the two-gun battery
Secrets of the pros: the one-gun option
Oct 19, 2010
Which calibres Canadian outfitters chose for hunting all big game
Top cartridges & bullets for white-tailed deer
Oct 18, 2010
Expert Canadian outfitters on what's best to use when hunting whitetails
Top cartridges & bullets for moose
Oct 18, 2010
Ten different cartridges received votes as the best choice...
Top cartridges & bullets for mule deer
Oct 18, 2010
Given the mule deer's limited distribution—and the fact outfitted hunts...
Top cartridges & bullets for black bears
Oct 18, 2010
No category generated anywhere near as much difference of...
Top cartridges & bullets for western animals
Oct 18, 2010
Outfitters pick their faves for sheep, Rocky Mountain goat, pronghorn, cougar, grizzly bear & wolf
Top cartridges & bullets for caribou
Oct 18, 2010
Twenty-one of the outfitters hunt caribou, with the .30-06...
Top cartridges & bullets for elk
Oct 18, 2010
Outfitters tell us which cartridges & bullets are the best
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