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Why you need to use the Goldilocks ice-fishing bait
Jan 27, 2017
Both big and small baits work—sometimes. Here’s how to find the size that’s just right
Why ice-anglers should be using use lighter fishing line
Jan 21, 2017
Not getting bit? It might be your line. Here’s why you need to lighten up
Ice-fishing secret: How pros use sound to lure in more fish
Jan 13, 2017
During hardwater season, sound matters a lot more than you think. Here's why
5 wicked whitefish tips from one of Canada’s top ice anglers
Jan 6, 2017
John Whyte's hardwater secrets about whitefish depth, location, timing and techniques
Early-season tips and tactics for hammering first-ice walleye
Dec 30, 2016
For some of winter’s best walleye action, take advantage of the unique early-season conditions
Why Canadians are so passionate about hitting the hardwater
Dec 23, 2016
In the dead of winter, there’s still plenty of life below the ice
The year's best new ice-fishing gear for Canadian anglers
Dec 16, 2016
Put more fish on the ice with great new tackle, apparel, tools and accessories
Late-season secret: How to target walleye during March Madness
Mar 12, 2016
Last-ice promises the winter's hottest walleye action... if you hit the right spots
Essential tricks for tempting cautious crappies
Mar 11, 2016
Fire up wintertime slabs with this sneaky “surf and turf” set-up
Why you should hit the ice for Canada’s most underrated gamefish: burbot
Mar 4, 2016
An in-depth Q&Q with Saskatchewan ling expert Jeff Matity
Ice-fishing Bonus: More of 2016’s coolest new hardwater gear
Feb 25, 2016
Heat up the hardwater with these shelters, augers, rods, reels, baits and more
How to catch big hardwater pike all season long
Feb 19, 2016
The secret: Track northern pike as their habits change from January to March
How to torment lake trout and whitefish into biting
Feb 12, 2016
Trigger these aggressive predators by making them work for your bait
How to tease jumbo perch into biting
Feb 5, 2016
Gord Pyzer’s secret strategies for icing lock-jawed yellow perch
Why you’ve go to try ice fishing at Ontario’s Mountain Lake
Feb 1, 2016
Lakers, whitefish and more on a pristine lake, just steps away from cozy cottages
The secret to icing reluctant walleyes
Jan 29, 2016
Are the big ones biting light? Turn ’em on with these never-miss teasing tactics
Learn how using sound and vibration can help you ice more big fish
Jan 25, 2016
Why the HydroWave Mini rings the dinner bell for hungry lunkers
The only 4 northern pike presentations you’ll ever need
Jan 22, 2016
With these simple baits, lures and tactics, you can catch hardwater pike anytime and anywhere
Pimp your ice hut with these awesome accessories
Jan 15, 2016
Hot hardwater gear to keep your bottom warm, your belly full and your rod bent
Winning hardwater secrets from a veteran tournament angler
Jan 8, 2016
How this Manitoban guide and competitor puts big fish on the ice
How to know when the ice is safe for fishing
Jan 1, 2016
Before hitting the hardwater this winter, learn to recognize the signs of danger
Graphs vs. flashers—what’s best for your style of ice fishing?
Dec 18, 2015
Sonar is essential on the hardwater. Just be sure you’re using the right unit
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