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Marble Arms Gamegetter

The Question

I inherited a Marble Arms Gamegetter rifle from my father and would like to sell the gun. the barrel of the gun is 17 7/8 inches long. I thought the gun was chrome but have been told it is nickel. It has a folding stock and is an absolutely beautiful gun. Since 1960, this gun has never been loaded. The caliber is 22/44. Any guess as to its value would be greatly appreciated.

The Answer

Marble Arms manufactured firearms from about 1907 through the mid 1950s in Gladstone, Michigan. It sounds as though your firearm is the Game Getter Model 1921, which came standard with either a 12-inch, 15-inch or 18-inch barrel. Standard configuration saw a .22 barrel on top, and a .410 shotgun barrel below. They were shipped with a shoulder holster and cleaning rod.

Having the bottom barrel chambered to .44 was likely a special order, though it was certainly an option that was available. There is certainly some collector value to these firearms; the Blue Book of Gun Values suggests that, depending upon condition, current market value is between $1000 and $2000. Considering that your description suggests this gun is in excellent condition, and that the chambering for .44 is somewhat unusual, market value for this is likely on the upper end of the spectrum.

Ken Bailey

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Ken Bailey

Ken Bailey

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