ODJ interviews Canada’s Top Outdoorswoman

Credit: Shel Zolkewich. Canada's Top Outdoorswoman Carly Deacon.

Carly Deacon opens up

Outdoor Journal Radio's Angelo Viola interviews Canada's Top Outdoorswoman


Outdoor Journal Radio

What motivates Canada’s Top Outdoorswoman to share her love of hunting? Click here to listen in as Outdoor Journal Radio host Angelo Viola interviews Carly Deacon, the winner of our Canada’s Top Outdoorswoman Contest, sponsored by Franchi Canada.

Carly appeared on the radio show, which airs on the FAN 590 AM, on July 15. To also listen to the entire broadcast, please click here.

Also be sure to watch for Outdoor Canada‘s upcoming Hunting Special, featuring a full profile on Carly.

Credit: Shel Zolkewich. Canada's Top Outdoorswoman Carly Deacon.
Credit: Shel Zolkewich.
Canada’s Top Outdoorswoman Carly Deacon.

Patrick Walsh

Patrick Walsh

Patrick Walsh is Outdoor Canada's Editor-in-Chief and Brand Manager. He grew up fishing and hunting in Bracebridge, Ontario, where he began his magazine career in 1983 as assistant editor of Muskoka Life magazine. Since then, he has worked for a variety of media, both in Canada and abroad, earning numerous writing and editing awards. In 2005, 2011 and 2012, the Canadian Society of Magazine Editors named him Editor of the Year, while Outdoor Canada was honoured as Magazine of the Year (in the medium circulation category). Walsh has been at the magazine's helm since 2000.

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