How to get perfect walleye fillets every single time
Mar 30, 2017
Video: Chef Cameron Tait demonstrates his surefire filet technique
10 hardwater dos and don'ts for surviving the Canadian ice season
Feb 14, 2017
Follow these rules to ensure your winter adventure doesn’t end in tragedy
A New Brunswick outdoorsman's true tale of terror on the ice
Feb 13, 2017
Even an expert hunter, angler or trapper can fall prey to icy—and deadly—mishaps
How to take the “search” out of backcountry search and rescue
Sep 27, 2016
What you need to know about technologies—both high and low—that might save your life
The best way to silently paddle a canoe
Oct 8, 2015
How to sneak up on fish and game with the Indian stroke
5 ways to get kids into the outdoors—and keep them there
Jul 30, 2015
How to encourage children to explore the natural world, test their limits and—gasp!—even face a little risk
How to spend 19 days fishing a whitewater river—all by yourself
Jul 24, 2015
Essential tips to keep you safe, dry, warm and well-fed on the solo adventure of a lifetime
How self-propelled adventures tap into Canada’s rich hunting and fishing traditions
Jul 6, 2015
To truly connect with the outdoors, sometimes it pays off to leave the vehicles at home
Ticks and Lyme disease: What you need to know
Jun 11, 2015
How to stay safe when you’re outdoors in tick-infested regions of Canada
How to get your dog out of a body-grip trap
Apr 2, 2015
Body-grip traps, also known as conibear traps, can be a very real threat to your pet
Survivorman’s tips for finding your way in the backcountry
Dec 19, 2014
Les Stroud says it’s easy to get lost, but it’s even easier not to
How to do the Indian stroke
Sep 24, 2014
Expert paddler and adventurer Jim Baird shows how to do the Indian stroke. It’s an ideal stroke for sneaking up on wildlife because the blade never leaves the water, so you can approach silently.
Dog sense: 4 ways to keep your pointer safe this season
Aug 27, 2014
When upland hunting, follow these rules to protect both you and your dog
Dog sense: How to make your retriever a good swimmer
Aug 20, 2014
Swimming lessons If you want your retriever to charge into the...
Fungi foray
Aug 12, 2014
What you need to know before heading out to pick wild mushrooms
How not to get swept downriver to your death
Aug 12, 2014
Follow these rules to stay on the right side of the surface
How to tie the sheet bend knot
Aug 12, 2014
This classic sailor’s knot is ideal for connecting two ropes...
What to do if something wild chomps down on you
Aug 6, 2014
How to treat bites and stings from attackers that crawl, slither, swim and pounce
How not to get stranded on a remote island
Aug 6, 2014
Watching your boat drift away can ruin your whole day... or your life
How to anchor a tent on rocky surfaces
Jul 21, 2014
When you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place try these tricks to secure your shelter
How to paddle a canoe by yourself
Jul 14, 2014
When travelling solo in a tandem canoe, make a few small adjustments for a smoother ride
Do you know the stars of summer?
Jul 14, 2014
Escape the city lights, and learn the constellations of our northern sky
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