10 life-saving items to carry every time you go hunting

The essentials

On any hunt, having the right tools can save your bacon

The single-most important thing any hunter should bring afield is calm, rational thinking. Don’t leave home without it. Too often, uncomfortable and sometimes tragic hunting incidents are the direct result of, or exacerbated by, the failure to plan for the unexpected. Of course, hunters also rely on what they carry afield on their backs, depending on what and where they’re hunting, how long they expect to be afield and what’s practical.

No matter the hunting scenario, however, there are some essentials that seasoned hunters never leave camp without. Water to keep you hydrated, a first-aid kit to ensure you don’t bleed out, and fire to prevent hypothermia are absolute musts. Fortunately, it’s not often we find ourselves in a survival situation. More often, it’s discomfort, or frustration at not having the right tools at hand, that confronts us. Here’s everything you need to be ready for almost any situation.

No matter the scenario, seasoned hunters never leave camp without these simple, essential pieces of equipment Click to Tweet
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