11 essential turkey-hunting tips from an expert gobbler getter


Where turkey numbers are low, try hen decoys (photo: Howard Communications)

Tip #5  Where turkey populations are low, don’t use male decoys. Instead, set up a feeding hen 25 to 30 metres from your position and an upright hen 20 to 25 metres away, looking straight at you. Approaching toms will want to look her in the eyes, so they’ll have their back to you, making it easier to take the shot.

Tip #6  Tom decoys are most effective in regions where turkeys are abundant. Dominant resident toms will be anxious to chase away any tom they deem to be an intruder.


Tip #7  Carry several different calls. For reasons not easily explained, toms will sometimes respond to only one particular call, ignoring all others. On windy days, Jim recommends the extended range offered by box calls. Whenever he has turkeys inside 100 metres, he exclusively uses a push-pull call, as it can be operated with the least amount of movement.