2015’s Best New Hunting Gear: 11 Loads, Knives, Calls and More

This Year's Must-have New Ammunition and Accessories for Canadian Hunters

Our exclusive roundup of the year’s top new ammo and accessories for the Canadian wilds. Also see 2015’s best rifles, shotguns and optics, and coming later this week, apparel and packs.

Winchester Deer Season XP
Winchester Deer Season XP

Deer Season XP

Developed specifically to meet the needs of deer hunters, this Winchester cartridge sports an unusually large polymer tip for immediate and maximum expansion. The result is an oversized impact diameter that, in turn, leads to increased trauma and quicker knockdowns. The bullet’s profile also ensures a high ballistic coefficient and flat trajectory. Available in eight calibres, from .243 up to .300 WSM.

1-800-333-3288; www.winchester.com

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