2015’s Best New Hunting Gear: 5 Fantastic Shotguns

2015's Best New Shotguns

From a Slim 28-guage, To an Ultra-modern Over/Under To a Fine Semi-auto Smoothbore, There's Something for Every Shotgunner

Our exclusive roundup of the year’s top new shotguns for the Canadian wilds. Also see 2015’s best rifles, optics, ammo and accessories and, coming later this week, apparel.

Citori 725

Citori 725
Citori 725

Built on its slim and trim 20-gauge receiver, the popular Citori 725 is now available in 28-gauge and .410-bore, with both field and clays models. The former comes with your choice of 26- or 28-inch barrels, the latter with 30- or 32-inch barrels and an extended Invector choke. Upland bird hunters and target shooters alike will be impressed.

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