2015’s Best New Inflatable Boats for Anglers


Staying Afloat

When selecting an inflatable, make sure its size, speed and manoeuvrability match your angling style, as well as the type of water you fish. And for long-time enjoyment, here are some tips for keeping both you and your boat in fine form.


Always follow the manufacturer’s weight and passenger limit recommendations. Remember that inflatables used in open water are considered pleasure craft, and subject to the same rules as other vessels when it comes to PFDs, bailers and other safety equipment. And if your inflatable is motorized, you need a Pleasure Craft Operator Card.


Don’t store an inflated boat on asphalt, sand or gravel, especially in direct sunlight. Heat from hard surfaces can cause it to over-expand, stressing the seams and fabric lamination. Also keep in mind that when an inflatable first makes contact with cold water, it loses some air pressure.