2016’s Best New Bowhunting Gear: 6 Spectacular Bows

2016's Best New Bows

Whether You Need a Bow That's Fast, Smooth, Light or Just Sweet Shooting, There's Something for You This Year

Presenting Outdoor Canada’s exclusive annual roundup of the top new bows for Canadian hunters. And also check out the year’s top crossbows, plus arrows and accessories.

Carbon Air
Carbon Air

Carbon Air

Using the same carbon construction methods as the cycling industry, the 3.2-pound parallel split-limb Carbon Air is the lightest bow on the market, yet extremely strong, owing to the shape and design of the riser. With a 6⅛-inch brace height and 32 inches between axles, it’s easy to draw and noticeably dead-in-hand when shooting. The draw length is adjustable from 24½ to 30½ inches, and it shoots 340 fps with 80 per cent let-off.


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