2016’s Best New Hunting Gear: 4 Fantastic Shotguns (Plus a New Varmint Shell)

2016's Best New Shotguns

Top New Scatterguns Include an Inertia-driven Semi Auto, a New and Improved Classic, a True 28-gauge Magnum and More

Varmint X with Shot-Lok
Varmint X with Shot-Lok

Varmint X with Shot-Lok

Hunters of coyote, fox and other small game will appreciate the new 12-gauge, three-inch Varmint X shells with 1½-ounce loads of plated BBs. Featuring Shot-Lok technology, the pellets are surrounded by a hardened liquid gel to ensure they remain spherical after firing, resulting in tight, long-range patterns. With a muzzle velocity of 1,300 fps, these loads promise 12 inches of penetration at 40 metres.

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