2018’s best new hunting gear: Everything for the Canadian bowhunter

Built for bowhunting

What new gear should Canadian bowhunters carry afield this year? Here are our top suggestions

Bows, broadheads, sights, blinds, optics and more for the well-equipped archer

Outdoor Canada’s full roundup of the year’s top new hunting gear includes firearms & ammobowhunting gearopticsapparel and accessories.



With the Nitro X, TenPoint has the fastest horizontal bow on the market, shooting up to 440 fps. The reverse-draw limbs are just seven inches wide when cocked, while specialized cams and new slingshot technology generate the energy. The 7.8-pound bow comes complete with a quiver, arrows, cocking device, dry-fire inhibitor and scope.

TenPoint, (330) 628-9245; www.tenpointcrossbows.com

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