4 B.C. fishing hot spots from Sport Fishing on the Fly’s Don Freschi


Don Freschi fly fishes for salmon, steelhead, rainbows, bulls and walleye in these great destinations.

To compile Outdoor Canada’s 2020 fishing hot spots feature story, we turned to our friends at Sportsman Channel Canada. The hosts of 19 Canadian fishing shows agreed to reveal their top choices, along with tips on when to go and how best to tackle the fish. For all the hot spots, see our 2020 Fishing Special issue, or check out the growing list at www.outdoorcanada.ca/2020HotSpots.



Host and seasoned fly angler Don Freschi takes viewers along on his fly-fishing adventures to often remote locations, from the West’s mountain rivers to the open ocean. His popular “On the Bench” segment, meanwhile, explains how to tie the particular flies used in each episode. Learn more: www.sfotf.ca



  1. LOWER COLUMBIA RIVER, B.C.: Rainbow trout & walleye

THE ATTRACTION: Fishing in the crystal-clear waters near Trail, expect to connect with feisty ’bows and walleye pushing 10 pounds.

BEST TIME: Mid-March to early November


TOP TACTICS: Work the larger back eddies with nymphs and dries, and fish big Bugger patterns and stoneflies in the riffle runs.


  1. SKEENA RIVER, B.C.: Pacific salmon & steelhead

THE ATTRACTION: The beautiful scenery and pristine water near Terrace, and the opportunity to catch migratory chrome steelies and most Pacific salmon species.

BEST TIME: Mid-July to early November

TOP TACTIC: Work shallow riffle runs that narrow down into a faster flow, through which the fish must pass.


  1. STUMP LAKE, B.C.: Kokanee salmon & rainbow trout

THE ATTRACTION: This lake south of Kamloops holds large rainbows that can top 10 pounds, as well as Kokanee.

BEST TIME: Late April to late November

TOP TACTIC: Work the edges of the weed beds with leech patterns, mayfly nymphs and chironomids.


  1. UPPER COLUMBIA RIVER, B.C.: Bull trout

THE ATTRACTION: Fishing near Golden, you can enjoy wonderful Rocky Mountain scenery, pristine glacial water and large bull trout weighing up to 20 pounds.

BEST TIME: Mid-August to early November

TOP TACTIC: Work all the runs and tail-outs using big, four-inch-plus streamer flies.


ALSO PICKED: Great Slave Lake, N.W.T., for pike

*This hot spot was picked by other anglers in our survey. Find the complete list at www.outdoorcanada.ca/2020hotspots.