6 expert tactics for catching walleye on windy days

The wind and the walleye

Make summer fishing a breeze with these six expert tactics for blustery days


I enjoy trolling bottom bouncers and spinner rigs in the dog days of summer, and when the wind blows at an angle along a shoreline, it creates a great opportunity for this. Not all windswept shorelines will hold fish, however. Instead, concentrate on shorelines that have structure such as dips and humps, or bottoms that transition from mud to gravel. Also look for areas where seagulls or pelicans are feeding, since this can reveal the location of baitfish.

While fishing windswept shorelines, my best success comes when I have the wind quartering over the stern of my boat. As long as the breeze is moderate, this lets me keep the boat speed in my preferred range of one to 2.5 miles per hour, using just my bow-mounted trolling motor. If the wind becomes too strong, however, you may need a drift sock to maintain a slower speed. As a note of caution, always be aware of your boat’s position, since it’s quite easy to get blown onto shore while you’re distracted landing a fish.

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