6 expert tactics for catching walleye on windy days

The wind and the walleye

Make summer fishing a breeze with these six expert tactics for blustery days


Navigating a boat in large waves can test your boating skills. If possible, try travelling on the sheltered side of the lake. If you have to run in the waves, try to avoid smashing into them. Instead, slow down enough that the bow lifts with the waves and gently falls into the troughs. And rather than steer directly into oncoming waves, navigate through them at a 35- to 45-degree angle. That way, the boat will rise and fall on its long axis, making for smoother ups and downs. Also adjust your trim to find a position that avoids punching the bow into waves, while at the same time keeping the boat in control. Securely stow all your gear, too, so it doesn’t get damaged or injure passengers from bouncing around. As a final precaution, always wear your PFD and stay tethered to the engine’s kill switch.

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