Via Larry Smith

7 crucial steps for hunting the very biggest trophy whitetails


Larry Smith
Photo: Larry Smith

#7  Keep At It

Success in hunting mature bucks comes with commitment, patience and time served—period. Yes, skill factors into it, but that’s learned with time, and the more time you spend afield, the more opportunities you’ll have to take an impressive buck. It may seem obvious, but thinking about spending a dozen or more days on a treestand or in a ground blind is different from actually doing it. It’s like a workout regime—if you want results, you must stick with it. Facilitating that kind of commitment requires planning, from coordinating work schedules to balancing commitments at home.

So, get out there and hunt strategically, spending as many days as possible in the wilderness with the monster buck that’s been photo-bombing your trail cams. And keep in mind that whether or not you come away with the biggest set of antlers and the most delicious venison that deer season has to offer, the true focus of this pursuit should be relaxing and enjoying the wilderness—in the company of the wild beasts we admire and respect.