9 Ways to Completely Ruin Your Big-game Trophy Mount

Taxidermy Disasters!

If You Want a Beautiful Trophy, Avoid These Common Mistakes

A memorable mount begins even before the shot—long before your animal arrives at the taxidermist’s shop.

You’ve finally shot the hunting trophy of a lifetime, that dream wall-hanger you’ve been waiting an eternity for. Now it’s all up to the taxidermist, right? Wrong. After you’ve squeezed the trigger, what happens next will determine whether you end up with a prized family heirloom or something best hidden away in a closet. Here are nine ways you can totally botch the job of preparing your trophy for the taxidermist—and how to avoid them instead so the memory of your special hunt is preserved forever…

#1 Bad Idea: Aim for the Neck

Dave Whammond
Dave Whammond

Good Idea:

Although there might be times when a neck shot is the only option, try your best to avoid it if you’re planning on a shoulder mount. Stick to the vitals, or even the front shoulder if you have to—anything forward of that will have to be mended. Taxidermists are talented artists, and they can make repairs with a thread and needle that would blow your mind. But such fixes can be extremely tedious and time-consuming, adding more to the price of your mount in a real hurry.

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