A must-know secret for locating mule deer bucks


While mature mule deer bucks are crafty and exceptionally difficult to hunt, you can up your odds considerably if you know where to find them. Big bucks use river valleys, coulees and natural drainages to their advantage, often bedding halfway up the sides with the wind at their backs. This enables them to watch for trouble below while relying on scent to warn them of danger from above.

Mulie bucks often bed in natural drainages

Glass these likely hideouts throughout the day for antler tines or the flick of a tail, then plan a stalk using any available cover to keep you concealed. Remain exceptionally quiet, because a mulie buck’s hearing is otherworldly. If you spot does at dawn or dusk during the rut, keep an eye on them—a mature buck will eventually make an appearance. Patience and persistence are key.


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