How to pick the best ammo for every big-game species

Ammo made easy

Confused by the countless cartridge and bullet options for hunting? Our straight-shooting primer is here to help

It’s not uncommon for hunters to invest $1,000 on a rifle and an equal sum on a scope, but really, it’s the ammunition that does all the work of transforming an animal into a freezer full of chops and roasts. Despite that simple truth, many hunters don’t know how to select the appropriate cartridge and bullet for their hunting needs. That’s not surprising, as there’s a complex matrix of variables to be weighed in making the decision. Plus, the confusion surrounding the options is further muddied by a combination of marketing claims and misinformed opinions within the hunting community.

Another reason for all the uncertainty is that there’s no straight line to making the right decision, and no single right answer for what cartridge or bullet choice is best for the situation at hand. So, to help piece the puzzle together, it’s worth examining some of the contributing variables—and in the process, separate the facts from the fiction…

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